Chemotherapy and Diet

Chemotherapy and Diet

Chemotherapy and Diet

The food can taste and smell differently during the chemotherapy. Sometimes the taste disappears to the extent

when you can only distinguish sweet and salty. It can be difficult to digest raw food

(raw fruit and raw vegetables) and meat and eggs. Because you still need proteins, a good source can be yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, and

similar products. It is also important to keep fibres in

the diet. Cooked or steamed vegetables could be a good source; I eat 2 tablespoons of crashed and soaked flax seeds every morning. Try to stay

away, or lower the intake, of sweets and be aware (ask your doctor) about the risk of developing diabetes.

Chemotherapy and Weight

During the chemotherapy it is important to monitor the weight. Neither an excessive weight gain nor a weight loss is healthy. And never lie to your doctors about your weight. For example the chemotherapy doses are based on weight. A 10% change in weight, which is only 11 pounds (5 kilograms) for a woman weighing 110 pounds (50 kilograms), is a reason to change the doses. Therefore monitor your

weight and inform your doctor about the changes.