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2:02 pm
Tue 11, 2011



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Synthetic or natural

I opted for synthetic wigs from the beginning. They are cheaper and for that reason I could afford to have different wigs for different occasions. With the wigs I was able to test the hairstyles I always wanted to try but never really dared to with my own hair.

I have tried many wigs from different manufacturers over the years. The quality, the feel, and the comfort differ a lot. My Japanese wigs from Sentoo (wig 3 and 6) are my favourites.

How do I choose my wig? There are some factors that are important to take into…

11:02 am
Sat 12, 2011



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Nice wigs. Who manufactures the Japaneese wigs and where can find them?

2:12 pm
Sun 13, 2011



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The brandname of the Japanese wigs is Sentoo. V

3:36 pm
Sun 10, 2012


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I have been using wigs for two years now and I bought it from I’m very satisfied on it it is very durable and cheap and now I will buy a new HH wig I found one here…..s/1514.htm and it is very beautiful and affordable

7:51 am
Mon 2, 2012



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Wearing glueless lace front wigs that has many advantages:First, very realistic, very good decorative effect;Second, the wig easy to comb, hair can be changed within a very short time, without employing the help;Third, you can try a variety of hair design, costume different fashion, and increasingly by the people’s favor.

10:07 am
Tue 8, 2013




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Wig 3 – picture from January 2011 is a really looking nice on you.