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The idea of maintenance tips

The idea of maintenance tips: try not to close to the high temperature, silk top full lace wigs can wash? How to wash a wig? The idea of cleaning and maintenance for the relationship between the material hairpiece is not high temperature resistant, wig can’t dyeing, if need to trim the can please professional modelling division trimming hairstyle, use special wig comb (steel comb or iron comb better oh) can’t use plastic comb! Curly hair basically do not use comb, roll place every time bring by hand after finishing it. If a wig with long knot bad comb, you do not force pulling, should spray wig dedicated non oily maintenance liquid, then slowly be geographical open, pay attention to don’t wig spray on the gel water, wax, the use of real hair conditioner that will make a wig become sticky greasy, use wig dedicated non oily maintenance fluid use method is very simple: take lightly spray before a few times in the wig can) can make the wig become smooth and bright and can prevent electrostatic, let wig keep moist state like just to buy back! A wig can tie up, just can’t run too high or below their true hair will run out oh, longer wig comb should wig points long paragraphs, from down to up to comb, be sure to light, want to have patience, in order to wear in the process to have a small amount to hair belongs to the normal phenomenon.