Sarcoma | Forum to share experiences with specific cancer types | Forum | Stage 4 Cancer Forum

Sarcoma | Forum to share experiences with specific cancer types | Forum | Stage 4 Cancer Forum

After living nearly 7 years with stage4 synovial sarcoma, hospital became my second home. I lost touch with the “normal world” and the “normal” people. I reached a critical point at which I started to question my reasons to continue with my fight. To find a way forward I started to write my story. Internet became a viable option to share the story with the cancer community. Once I launched the Stage4CancerForum

Site (the Site you are reading right now), I stated to write articles based on my own experiences.

The Site consists of three main parts:

(1) Articles, so far consisting of 20+ articles written by me and based on my own experiences. There are articles about relationships, treatments and the side effects, pain and pain scales, sarcoma and sarcoma research, article about mobility issues

and disability aids and devices, etc.

(2) Stories, where I have published my story, a story about my life with all surgeries and treatments, 20 pages including pictures. The idea is that others can have

their stories published here.

(3) Discussion forum, which includes forums for cancer patients and their family members and friends. The topic groups in the forum are, for example: life, relationships, mobility aids and devices, travels with cancer, treatments and side effects, pain and pain management. There is also a closed forum for stage4cancer patients, called Warriors’ forum. This forum is not accessible to regular members. Within the Warriors’ forum the patients should be able to discuss

sensitive issues, which they wish not to share within the open forums.

You can find my whole story under Stories page on this Site. To the story I have attached my complete medical history including all my surgeries, chemotherapy treatments and radiations. The Articles page includes an article describing in detail my chemotherapy treatments and their side effects. There you can also find a comprehensive article about my experiences with colostomy, including suggestions about diet and exercise.

Just ask if you have any questions.