Funding Sarcoma Research

Funding Sarcoma Research

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Fri 31, 2010



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Funding sarcoma research. An article about cancer research with focus on sarcomas.

Sarcoma is a rare type of cancer. Sarcomas account for about 1% of all diagnosed adult cancers (15-20% of children cancers) and have more than 50 subgroups. There are only few cases of the same type of sarcoma diagnosed in the whole world during one year. I had a fellow-patient diagnosed with angiosarcoma and at that time she was supposedly one of two known patients in the world. This was an extreme case, but it illustrates how difficult it is to test new treatments and perform research on sarcomas.…

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Mon 10, 2012




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Hello Veronica,

I read your post about Funding sarcoma research and it is very helpful post.Thank for sharing nice information.

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Research is very good thing for cancer patient which can cure their disease and for their research, fund raising event play big role because cancer research needs big expenses of technology.