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Travelling with advanced cancer

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Tue 21, 2011



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This article focuses mainly on airplane travels. I was a frequent flyer before my cancer developed to the degree, when flying became complicated. With cancer I avoided airplanes because I was too weak to walk all the way from the check-in desk to the gate. To find out about the help I was entitled to I started to look for information among the community for disabled passengers and passengers with physical handicaps. I needed to find out what kind of help I could expect. I do not fly much, but I do. And when I…

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Wed 9, 2012



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You need to except Air-plane Wheel Chair for the physical handicap people. It might help them in traveling. You are also right that You need to avoid traveling in airplane.

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Wed 23, 2012



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Hello Dominic!

You may have
misunderstood my post.

What I meant is that you do not need to avoid flying just because of physical handicap. There is help on offer. In Europe it is mandatory by law for the airlines to provide assistance to disabled passengers. It goes so far that all airports have designated areas for disabled passengers with bathrooms, chairs,

medical personnel at hand, etc. There is no reason to avoid flying.

As my article points out, you book assistance at the same time as you book your flight. There is always a question while booking “Do you need assistance”.  In case the question is missing, just contact

the carrier. They are responsible.


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Thu 13, 2012




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You need to except Air-plane traveling and with Wheel Chair for the physical handicap people.