cancer wigs

cancer wigs

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Tue 14, 2012


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Cancer Wig introduced by Rodolfo sets a benchmark in hair industry. He took the entire hair industry by storm by introducing first wig cancer wig patients.This provoking thought prompted Rodolfo and he introduced wig for cancer patients. The wig introduced by him was worn by his mother till her death .Choices with respect to wigs present at Rodolfo’s salon are countless.

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Fri 12, 2012




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Chemotherapy causes hair loss and hair thinning – that means you may be bald during and after treatment for breast cancer. Take heart, I can testify that hair does grow back! If you want a smooth transition from having hair to being hair-free, make a plan before your hair starts floating away. If you able to envision yourself as beautifully bald – adorned with exotic earrings, intriguing eye makeup, and a confident attitude – then you don’t need any help from me! But if you want to purchase a wig or some hairpieces, then let’s get started.

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Thu 20, 2012



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I think you are giving such nice information, cancer patient definitely loss their hair in any cancer type because of heavy dose of drugs, chemotherapy and radiation. Those patient need confidence to do first thing which you said but if they can’t do that then second option of wig is there.