December 4, 2010, 3:52 pm

The picture shows my country house scooter called BRAVO – a scooter designed for golfers, but an invaluable companion for me as my left leg is paralyzed due to my cancer treatment. The golf cart, or more precisely the golf scooter, is perfect when moving about our country house. There is no road or hill that it won’t conquer. It takes me up or down steep rocky roads without a hitch. It survives rain. It takes me to the nearby beach and allows me to join my family on their walks.  It is also possible to dismantle it and transport with a car. And you can just plug it in to recharge the batteries. My life would be much more limited without it. This scooter was designed by a Spanish manufacturer. You can certainly contact them for more information about its availability close to you. I have inherited mine after my father in law when he gave up golfing. The cart is some 15 years old and still works. However, it requires small reparations now and then; therefore make sure someone can help you. In Sweden we get help with spare parts and repairs from the Swedish distributor. Be aware that the batteries need a regular recharge and do not like temperatures below zero. Keep it somewhere warm and dry.

A good POV/scooter can be a priceless solution for staying active in spite of physical disability, mobility difficulties or just stricken by fatigue.

Here is a link to the manufacturer’s site:

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