Chemotherapy & Wigs

Chemotherapy & Wigs

January 11, 2011, 2:02 pm

Synthetic or natural

I opted for synthetic wigs from the beginning. They are cheaper and for that reason I could afford to have different wigs for different occasions. With the wigs I was able to test the hairstyles I always wanted to try but never really dared to with my own hair.

I have tried many wigs from different manufacturers over the years. The quality, the feel, and the comfort differ a lot. My Japanese wigs from Sentoo (wig 3 and 6) are my favourites.

How do I choose my wig? There are some factors that are important to take into consideration.

Short or long

Short hairstyles are better during the winters. Long hair has a tendency to tangle and get damaged when I wear high-collar coats and scarves.


Another important factor is the skin tone. During my chemotherapies I was either extremely pail or red and sweaty. Therefore the wigs looked differently before or after the chemo. The pictures below compare how I looked with my wigs during the chemotherapy and 4 month after my latest chemotherapy. And do not forget that you will be eyebrow- and eyelash-less.


Another important factor is the size of the wig. The head is smaller without hair. Do not forget that if you choose to buy your wig before the chemo. The wigs are mostly adjustable. But you need a professional help to adjust it.

The feel and comfort

And it is easy to forget, that once you are completely bold, the “feel and comfort” is very important. The feel is one of the reasons why I like my Japanese wigs.

Bold look is fashionable

This may sound harsh, now. But be prepared that even the nicest wig may feel uncomfortable during the chemo. In spite of having a large collection of wigs, during my chemotherapies, when I was puffy, sweaty, red, and eyebrow- and eyelash-less, I felt more comfortable in a scarf or a beanie.

We are extremely lucky that nowadays the bold look, or wearing scarves and beanies indoors is fashionable. So whatever you choose, no one needs to know that you have cancer.

To read about the impact of chemotherapy on hair and the hair quality, read an article Chemotherapy and Hair. Another interesting article is about Chemotherapy and relationships.

Wig 6 – picture from October 2010

Wig 6 – picture from January 2011

Wig 5 – picture from June 2010 (my second chemo)

Wig 5 – picture from January 2011

Wig 4 – picture from November 2009 (my second chemo)

Wig 3 – picture from February 2008 (my first chemo)

Wig 3 – picture from January 2011

Wig 2 – picture from December 2007 (my first chemo)

Wig 2 – picture from January 2011

Wig 1- picture from December 2007 (my first chemo)

Wig 1 – picture from January 2011