Finding new tools for an active life

Finding new tools for an active life

November 5, 2011, 10:43 am

I have been told that I was the first cancer patient to apply for a City Scooter, isn’t that strange?

Accepting my own physical handicaps and adjusting to a new life became my way forward. I have been fighting my cancer for 6 years.  During these years I have never been in remission. My disease progresses slowly, but it doesn’t stop. For those who haven’t read my story, I have stage 4 synovial sarcoma and I was diagnosed at age 37. Over the years I have contracted many handicaps. It started with a colostomy. After many chemotherapy treatments I became tired, unable to take long walks. Over the last two years my left foot became partially paralysed. I also have problems with my balance because even my other foot got affected by chemotherapy. My walks became shorter and shorter over the years, causing a lot of frustration. Until one day, when I saw this 90+ old lady at her little City Scooter / Power Operated Vehicle (POV). I instantly knew that this would be the best solution for me and my mobility.

A new world opened up to me. Until that day it just never came to my mind that I could look for help within the community for disabled patients with mobility issues. Now I had an opportunity to become more independent and more active!

Since that day I have acquired following tools designed for disabled patients:

  • City POV/Scooter
  • Adjustable chairs for work and home
  • Portable (folding) walker to get around the house and to get up from my bed as my knees hurt terribly
  • Walking stick with ergonomically designed handle
  • Potty, as it may be difficult to find toilets (clean or for disabled) when travelling. The potty as pictured below is special in a way that it is designed for women and it is used while standing up. Priceless if your knees hurt.
  • Folding walking stick for travelling
  • Portable adjustable head/back support for my bed when travelling
  • Portable memory-foam mattress
  • Portable raised toilet seat
  • Automatic door opener for entrance and elevator doors in our apartment building
  • Handicapped parking permit
  • Golf scooter for the country house
  • Folding wheelchair
  • Folding walker with wheels for outside use
  • A lightweight carbon reinforced orthosis for my paralysed foot
  • Hospital bed to have at home

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