Is life worth so much suffering?

Is life worth so much suffering?

On August 20, 2011 it will be 7 years since I found a tumor in my body.

Lately I have been thinking about life, survival, suffering, and death. And I came to some conclusions. Below is my reasoning.

For me one hour when I feel “normal” is worth fighting for. I may have spent months or even a year in agony to get there. But an hour or a whole “normal” day feel like precious gifts to me. These “normal” hours and days are few and far apart. But they have always been worth the suffering while getting there.

A chat or a dinner with friends feels like a birthday celebration. A walk with my nephews fills me up with joy for weeks. A journey by car through the countryside is a treat. It feels like heaven when I can swim for half an hour or even more.

I just want to stay in this world to learn, to teach, to enjoy food, to listen to new music and see new art and design. I wish to be here for others to help, to share my experiences.

I want to be here when my parents need me.

I would like to see my nephews and nieces to graduate their universities and become responsible adults. I want to be available if they need help.

I would like to create a few more memories together with my husband whom I met when I already had my cancer.

I would like to achieve my professional goals.

I want to contribute.

I wish to stay for a bit longer.

And my answer is YES, life is worth suffering and fighting for.

I have heard countless times following comment about a person who died after a long disease: “At least she/he does not need to suffer any more”.  Please, think before you make that comment.

I would strongly dislike if someone would even consider that I would wish for death to relieve me of my suffering. As I see it, the level of suffering I am willing to endure in order to continue to live is my decision.

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The picture on the left was taken just after I finished a 12-months long chemo in July 2010. It took another whole year to recover after the chemo. 2 years of uncertainty. It was worth it. You can see on the picture to the right that this summer I have been able to enjoy a few moments with my nephews (picture from July 2011).

On more personal note. This morning I have received a result of my latest scan. The tumors are unchanged. This means that I can continue with my work with Stage4CancerForum, which of today has almost 900 registered members. I will be here for a bit longer!

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