Preparing for spring

Preparing for spring

Will I make it through yet another winter?

That was the question I asked myself every autumn. Winter with its flus always felt critical. In Sweden the winter lasts from October to March. It is a long time from a cancer patient’s perspective. Winter is dark and cold and nostalgic. Winter is a long wait for spring and summer. And for me winter always meant complications, hospitals, and crisis.

The arrival of spring meant that I made it through the winter. But the spring was always followed by a certain degree of sadness. I discovered that I was not able to do as much as the year before. Was the fight worth it?

Last autumn I decided that I had to adjust to the changes forced on me by my disease. I had to start to believe that I would be here every coming spring. And I wanted to be prepared. I returned to swimming, reading. I picked up new hobbies. I planted lots of flowers, new raspberry bushes and trees. My new hobbies also helped me to meet new people, make new friends. Something I thought was impossible in my condition. This time I am ready!

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