House Rules | Stage 4 Cancer Forum

House Rules | Stage 4 Cancer Forum

Effective Date: February3, 2011

Welcome to discussion forum! We want your involvement here to be meaningful and safe. In order to achieve that, please abide by the following rules, which are mostly a matter of common sense.

1. Respect everyone and be responsible. We come from hundreds of different backgrounds with different experiences and feelings. People choose a variety of paths in life, and we hope that everyone can feel comfortable sharing aspects of their own paths. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. You are responsible for the contents of your posts. Express yourself in whatever way you want, but if we deem your post exceptionally objectionable, we reserve the right to edit or delete it.

2. Respect the purpose of the Site.

While we value the views of friends and family members, we reserve the right to edit the contributions that are not helpful and constructive for the purpose of the

3. Do not give medical advice.

While everyone is welcome to share their personal experiences relating to their cancer, treatments, side effects, etc., do not offer medical advice. For example, feel free to share how well a treatment worked for you, but do NOT attempt to persuade someone else to follow the same treatment. Everyone responds differently and what worked (or didn’t) with one patient is not an indicator of how it will (or won’t) work for other patients. Asking someone to see their doctor is not medical advice.

4. Do not promote your product.

If you have a commercial product you think could be valuable to the readers, contact the site administrators by email. Any posts suspected of promoting “miracle cures” will not be tolerated. There is a fine line with regards to complementary and alternative medicines, many of which are valuable for cancer patients, but we reserve the right to make those distinctions. Keep requests for donations to your personal page.

5. Do not flood the Site with similar posts.

One is usually enough. If you want everyone to read it, post in one place only, please.

6. Moderator’s decisions are final.

If you have concerns, please notify us using the REPORT option above the blog post. While the moderator keeps an eye on the message board, it is impossible to review the content of each message as it is posted, and inappropriate messages may not be immediately removed. We reserve the right to delete any message at any time for any reason or no reason at all. Rules are subject to change at any time as needed. Views expressed in postings are those of the individual and are not necessarily those of We cannot guarantee the accuracy or validity of any messages. These message boards are not meant as a substitute for the advice of a doctor, therapist, or other trained professional.